Thursday, January 25, 2007

album list

Hey gang. I have an announcement to make. After a month's hard work, I've completed my annual list of my 100 favorite albums. I compile it using a round-robin voting system, which pits every album against every other. It's an amazingly accurate list, and it's a good way for me to keep a finger on my pulse as to what I'm liking at the time. Certain albums do better or worse depending on the year, which is how it goes for all of us. Still, there's always a few that consistently do well. So next week, I'll be rolling out the list. I'll post 100-76 on Monday, 75-51 on Tuesday, 50-26 on Wednesday, 25-11 on Thursday, and the top ten next Friday. If you want to consult my lists from past years, I have the links below:

Summer 2005:

Christmas 2005 (although I only posted it in May; this is my list from a year ago):

So even though this is perhaps the ultimate Mac activity and you may be rolling your eyes, I hope you'll join me as I talk about what my personal favorites are, and why.


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