Thursday, September 14, 2006

An Awaited(?) Update

I figured it would be best if I resurrected my music blog, if I am going to link to it in the Current Music Blog. So here it is!

Again, my name is Mac Wilson. I am a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota-Morris who has somehow managed to get a job with 89.3 The Current, which is member-supported music from Minnesota Public Radio. I have no set shifts at the station; I usually appear Sunday evenings from 2-5am and Monday evenings from midnight to 5am, though I may appear between midnight and 5am up to six times a week. It depends on the week. But my hours shouldn't matter, because you should be listening to The Current all the time anyway. At least during the hours when you're not tuned to KUMM, the Prairie's Only Alternative.

So what am I up to lately? I will probably think of brilliant music rants to write in here as time goes by. I'm working on my big project, my top 250 songs ever; I have capsules written for more than 60 (not very far, but still good progress) and I will hopefully have it online within a month. I should set a target date.... I encourage all of you to keep checking back to see when I get it posted. Browse through my old entries, too; there's some good stuff about the Streets.


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